Chemical Disaster Clean Up
A History Of Disaster Relief
BP Oil Spill
Power Plus DCU has developed an arsenal of unique: procedures, tools, equipment, and chemical formulations. These technologies facilitate the complete decontamination and reinhabitation of Radiologically destroyed areas! These breakthroughs allowed for full decontamination of all structures, land, and even crops, that have already bio accumulated Radiological Contamination. We performed proof of concept tours in Fukashima under the scrutiny and cross examination: of all Major JP. Gov. Entities; major US entities such as DOD, DOE, ARS; and Germany’s TUV. These entities substantiated the high levels efficacy of these “Prescriptions” that can be applied to areas of disastrous high level radiological contamination.
BP Oil Spill
When the recent BP/Gulf Oil Spill incident happened in the Gulf of Mexico, PowerPlus was chosen to be the number 1 provider of clean-up and decontamination equipment with the equipment and knowledge that is far beyond the competition (20,000 vendors to be exact). Having been awarded a five year contract that many said it would take to complete the majority of the work, we cleaned up that area in two and a half months with 95% decontamination. We still have small roving technicians that are doing spot clean-up work for any lingering bits of oil that wash up, but the land is open again to the public and no noticeable oil can be found in those areas.
Katrina (2005)
Eight month involvement
When Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana Coastline, we were called upon to assist in cleanup efforts and we are ready, willing and fully capable of tackling all restoration and remediation jobs. PowerPlus cleaned flood damage, biological remnants, mold abaitment, and asbestos abaitment with fantstic results and no legacy waste was created.
Anthrax Attack on Senate
Anthrax Attack on Senate (2001)
When Anthrax was sent to the US Senate Offices and a US Navy Vessel, PowerPlus Prodigy cleaning units were called upon to contain and decontaminate Navy Vessels and Government Buildings, along with biological contaminates, physical debris, and personnel safety.
September 11 Attacks (2001)
(varied involvement through 2 companies)
When 9/11 happened, PowerPlus Machines were sent to Ground Zero for clean-up efforts during the nation’s worst attack on American soil. Our machines are ready and able to handle the worst conditions to provide the workers on the ground to decontaminate and clean any surface.
Exxon Valdex
Exxon Valdez (1989)
When the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska occurred, PowerPlus was chosen to clean and remediate the coastline, boats, and personnel, as well as treat and decontaminate wildlife that had been contaminated by the oil.