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Welcome to PowerPlus DCU (Disaster Clean Up). The name may sound a little long and methodical, but so are our solutions and methods used to clean and decontaminate any given surface in any given type of disasters. As a company we have strived to learn and stay on the top of the curve by being innovative and stretching our limits until we have become the leader in disaster recovery. No one in the world has been able to reproduce our outstanding achievements in realms such as nuclear decontamination or oil remediation.

Having over 30 years of experience in real world disasters, PowerPlus has faced many challenges that have set it apart from other companies. We cater to our clients needs by offering unique and prescription based solutions that will not be found elsewhere. Our strengths have been put to the test in events like, Katrina, BP Oil Spill, Anthrax attacks on the Senate in the US, and other major disasters you can read about in our "History of Disasters" page.

We welcome questions and queries to our technology and how we can serve you. Though we hope you find this in times of calm and rest, we are ready to move at a moments notice. Feel free to browse and or contact us regarding anything you see or have questions about.

Kevin Wang
President PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions
Certified In-Situ By:
Evironmental Protection Agency
Dept. of Navy
Department of Navy
Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Coast Gaurd
Coast Gaurd
Food and Drug Administration
Homeland Security
Dept. Homeland Security