PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions DCU Nuclear
Nuclear Disaster Clean Up

Nuclear contamination has to be one of the worst disasters known to mankind. It spreads at random with winds, creatues, people, just like a heavy dust. It settles into any crevise or open surface and will remain there until coaxed out again. As it is sits in its little new home it emmits radiation partilces shooting tiny holes in whatever it strikes. So, imagine living in or next to objects that are constantly bombarding your DNA

with tiny pin pricks over and over again with every moment you are alive. The effects take years to develop but also can be seen more soon by the defects in DNA when children are born. Chernobyle has seen the results of what contamination means and the poor children of that land are suffering for it to this day. The longer your exposure the chances of yours and your unborn children's disruption of DNA goes up. Young and old are not exempt.

You can not just burn the landfills or contaminated surfaces, because the "dust" simply gets move from one new place and is then sent airborn to find a new home and new set of victims. You also can't simply scrape it away and think "out of sight, out of mind" because the contamination eventually leaks out of containment and leaks into the soil polluting the very water and crops you need to survive. Alpha radiation is particulary dangerous as once it gets inside you it can

never be gotten rid of, and is 40% more potent than beta or Gamma. Outside your body, it's nearly harmless as a piece of tissue paper can stop it. But Gamma and Beta are not so easliy stopped.

PowerPlus DCU, has over 24 years experience in dealing with large disasters and has been the only company in the history of mankind to acutally remove radiation from contaminated surfaces and water. We have methods and technology that we have proved work in live field tests and in the laboratory. The time sensitive nature of these disasters require a little more thought and planning but can be done. Our highly trained and certified teams are ready to engage and produce a perscription for your disaster. We identify the exact list of contaminants and ready ourselves with a special series of chemicals knows as RadOut, RadCap, and Refresh that work together to help rid you of nuclear contaminants. With our patendted technology we are then able to move in and clean all surfaces, bio-hazards, soils, vegitation, trees, animals and even people.

Once the tasks have been complete and the area is free of contamination, a third party company steps in to verify all work. After they have agreed that the area meets the governing standards set by the governing body of that land, we then issue a "Certificate of Cleanliness". Your way of showing that your land is contaminate free.

Prodigy Bio
Prodigy Bio

This machine was developed specifically for disaster relief and remediation. Being built of stainless steel this machine can be ready for any given disaster with the right attachments and filters. This machine creates a near perfect vacuum of 21 HG (or 2/3 perfect vacuum). It can run any cleaning chemical or agent allowing for multiple uses and makes this the most versatile machine for any disaster or cleaning needs. The Prodigy Bio can also produce over 4000 psi for ensuring a deep clean of any given surface. That pressure also facilitates cleaning in any direction upside down, angled, or straight up and down. With the correct attachment this machine can also clean surfaces like skin and animal fir.

DCU Filters

Concern with personal safety in radioactive contaminated areas is one of the highest concerns we have when it comes to our workers and civilians alike. The contaminates can harm individuals if they are not propperly suited and time spent in the contaminated zones carefully monitored. As a partner with PowerPlus DCU, RST has provided us with radiation shielding unparralleled in the industry.


The Prodigy Bio has enough power for any decontamination situation, but managing that power and maintaining it is where the S.O.V.C. comes in. S.O.V.C. maintains the suction to a constant rate of 21H.G. or Mercury. This means that the tools that are attached to the Prodigy Bio can achieve and hold a 2/3 perfect vacuum, which is unheard of in tools that are designed to be used in the field. The suction that is created allows the Cleaned and Capture tools to clean any surface or even surfaces that are submerged.

Clean and Capture
clean and capture

Clean and Capture is defined as: “The process by which high pressure, agitation, and immediate extraction occurs within a closed tool head”

You can reclaim all liquids and chemicals used during cleaning without contaminating other areas or nearby water sources which could then drain to your water supplies. This technology can also be coupled with special filters for nuclear and haz-mat decontamination. So, no matter what your disaster needs are, Clean and Capture is ready to help.

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PASS Software
PASS Software

PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions has created a whole new system that addresses these needs and goes several steps further. The PRO ASES SERVICE SOFTWARE or PASS, gives the worker in the field a mobile platform to take notes, log information, photo document all of his/her work and record vital information which makes its way back into the central data core. We can then pull up that information at a docking station (located within a command trailer) and come up with a plan based on what we have seen and documented. The system also has built in anwers for the field leading tech in supplying the directions to decontamination at every step.

Radiation Suits
RST Rad Suits

Contamination from radioactive particles and other types of contaminates are always being considered for our workers in the field and those who are exposed to them. PowerPlus DCU has partnered with RST to provide our workers with the only "true" Alpha, Beta, and Gamma shielded radiation suits available in the world. Alpha is fairly easy to block a simple piece of paper can provide enough protection, but Beta and Gamma sources typically rely on dense materials like brick and lead to stop them. These suits are engineered to block those sources while keeping the user protected inside. For further information on their product visit the RST site.

Contaminant Extraction System
contaminant extraction system

CES or Cleaning Extraction System, was developed to handle the problem of cleaning contaminated soil and foliage. A specially designed semi permeable membrane and tools were created to allow our Clean and Capture tools to decontaminate soil and other organic surfaces while leaving the material in place. This means that we can clean your grounds without having to remove topsoil and expensive replacements for ground keeping. This also means that the overall environment is improved and not harmed during the decontamination process.

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DCU Earth Decontamination Machine
Earth Decon

The DCU Earth Decontamination Machine was developed to handle deep soil contaminant clean up. When the contaminants reach to lower levels this computer controlled machine can clean up the most contaminated soil. A large grinder shreds and turns into mulch whatever organic material is fed to it. It then sends the material down the line to be decontaminated and sorted. If there is a spot that needs to be revisited, the machine will automatically re-feed the contents until it is cleaned or alert the certified operator for further instructions.

DCU Earth Decontamination Machine Tracked
Earth Decon Tracked

The DCU Earth Decontamination Machine has many options and among them is the ability to be mobile! Utilizing a custom tracks and carrying units designed for this machine and the supporting equipment, you can make this machine reach remote areas where digging up soil and transporting it is impractical. This machine can go to where the contaminants are. Perfect for deep forest, and remote location work.

DCU Collection System

Contaminants create problems when they get into your water systems and eventually make their way into your soil and crops. PowerPlus, as part of their packages utilize these specially engineered "pillows" to capture the contaminants. The water passes all around and trough them and the "pillows" can be replaced after they have reached capacity, cleaned, re-prepped and returned to service helping the environment by not adding to waste problems.

DCU Filters

Water is always an environmental concern. It supplies our crops and our soil with nutrients, keeps us alive and healthy. But it is also a very good distributor of contaminates to entire environments. Getting those contaminates out of the water is a priority and we have solutions for that! Our DCU Filtration system separates the contaminates from the water and leaves drinkable water supplies while capturing the contaminates in a "hot-swap" container that can be decontaminated, recharged and put back into service again. We pride ourselves on keeping our environment clean and non-polluted.

Auto Pump Out

A single PowerPlus Auto Pump Out can handle 1600 gallons per hour with a larger unit handling 6000 gallons per hour. These robust units are built into our Prodigy Bio units to help in the decontamination process. The Auto Pump Out was built to meet city specifications in regulating waste dumping. We pump out clean water that is safe for the environment. Being able to remove large amounts of liquids is also valuable when having to deal with contaminated water or chemicals.