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Nigeria is know to have some of the worlds largest oil spills and contamination problems. Civil unrest, non-regulated production, and disasters that have remained untouched in decades have left much of the land oil soaked and dying. But, hope remains as the country has sent delegates and scientists to begin talks with PowerPlus Cleaning Solutions and how they can help the Nigerians reclaim the lands lost to these oil disasters.

PowerPlus met with the Nigerian officials and showed them facilities and information that astounded them. New technologies were developed and created to meet the needs for the country and continued to grow the capabilities for PowerPlus. With the loss of their Mangrove trees and marshes, Nigeria was very interested in learning about how PowerPlus could come in, decontaminate, and rejuvenate the soil even while being underwater. Plus, they are able to also contain part of the remaining oil and recycle it so that the oil could still hold cash value and be recycled back into the oil gathering process. This means money back in the pockets of Nigeria, all the while protecting the environment and reclaiming land for the farmers and fisherman that live in and around the Ogoniland region. On top of that, the solutions provided by PowerPlus address legacy waste in that their solutions mean there is no waste create during the entire process of decontamination. No landfills are needed to accomidate the process and no waste is added to any existing landfill. This is a huge step in the decontamination industry.

PowerPlus works hard to stay on top of the needs of their clients and stay on the cutting edge of technologies that help the environment and protect our natural resources. With the ability to clean soil in place, vegetation, hard surfaces, and surfaces even beneath the water or in any position, PowerPlus has set the bar for re-mediation and has become the industry leader. With the solutions so close in hand for the people of Nigeria, they have exchanged an MOU and are well on their way becoming a partner with Powerplus in to ensure the future of their lands.

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