DCU Speaks at ANNID

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DCU Speaks at ANNID

Los Angeles, California – December 3, 2012 - Powerplus joined members and guests at the ANNID (All Nigerian Nationals in Diaspora) first annual global convention held at the Westin in Los Angeles to discuss their solutions for bringing jobs, education and healing to the people of Nigeria.

Powerplus was honored to join ANNID members which included a myriad of influential Nigerian leaders who have risen to prominent positions both in Nigeria as well as the United States, and are passionately poised to implement solutions that will change the direction of the country.

PowerPlus explained how they are uniquely qualified to clean up the oil spills & water contamination in the Niger Delta, while educating the youth and creating jobs for the residents.

The presentation was slated to last 10 minutes, however, due to the overwhelming positive response and wide array of questions from the attendees, Powerplus was urged to continue for over 45 minutes.

Powerplus DCU brings health & healing to environmentally compromised regions through disaster management by providing innovative, creative & customized solutions.

The next step for PowerPlus DCU is that they need to have caring Nigerians help facilitate a meeting with Mr.Goodluck in order to present their comprehensive solutions package to him in person.

For more information contact: info@powerplusonline.com

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